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ANIMA - TEAM head chef

Head Chef
Stefano Brignolo 

For me, the passion for cooking was born as a child as a game, where I spent many Sundays helping my grandmother and my mother prepare lunch for the family.  


I remember vividly having a lot of fun getting my hands covered in flour, preparing various types of pasta, and seeing it cooking on the putage (and traditional wood stove).  That experience of food, warmth, family, the fire and the smells of the dishes, gave me a wonderful feeling full of love.

These early food experiences developed and led me to attend the hotel school in Agliano Terme, taking the path of cooking in a professional way.  After graduating, I wanted to specialise in the typical traditional Piemontese cuisine and developed my skills in various restaurants in the region.  

Now here at Anima, I am able to bring my culinary ideas to life with the support of the wonderful team here, and I hope that my interpretations of classic Piemontese cuisine, as well as developing new dishes for you to enjoy, encourages you to fall in love with the food of Piemonte as much as I have.

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